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Know Thy Carpet Fiber

Carpets are complex textile products and can be made up of many different fibers which can be blends or pure fibers. There are natural or manmade fibers. Different schools of thought suggest that man made may be better than natural whereas others believe the opposite. Whichever carpet you have, make sure you are aware of the properties of the fiber so that you know how to treat it. Natural fibers such as wool and silk will burn and give off a pleasant odor that may remind you of feathers or hair. Manmade fibers melt under intense heat and do not emit a particularly pleasant odor. One has to be very careful with natural fibers as they can dissolve in chlorine bleach whereas the manmade fibers are more resilient, although the two types of nylon, regular nylon and stain resistant nylon do dissolve in hydrochloric acid. Today, most commercial carpets are made from nylon and stain resistant nylon which have by far the best properties. We at Philadelphia carpet cleaning have developed, after years of experience, all the carpet cleaning services to match your fiber and specific textile.

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