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Pet Stains Cleaning

We all love our pets but sometimes taking care of them involves more than it should. As much as you love Fido, do you really want to clean up his mess? And worse, what if his mess has stained your carpets or rugs? Did you know that cat urine is able to reach past your carpets to your carpet pads? Will you know what to do then?

We offer a number of individual and package deals for any pet stain you can imagine!

Cleaning up pet stains is a pain, avoid the trouble with UCM Cleaning Services.

Keep Fido Out Of The Dog House

With just one phone call, our experienced and highly trained team of technicians can come straight over to your home or office and clean up Fido's mess for you. We know how to deal with every type of eventuality and do so very efficiently.

Pet stain removal benefits your pets too! When you clean up your pet's mess, you probably use soap and water or perhaps a store bought stain remover. And, while the presence and odor of your pet's urine and feces might be masked to human senses, your pet can easily relocate the same spot and, if they can relocate it, they will remark it. Getting rid of the spot for good will keep you happy and your pet out of the dog house.

We're discreet, so only you and Fido have to know what really happened.

Deodorize the Affected Area

Mistakes are the worst of the lot, but sometimes our pets just can't resist a good roll on the carpet after running in the mud. We provide a smaller version of our pet stain treatment that will fully remove any odors your pet has brought into your home. By removing the odor, you remove your pet's urge to come back to the same spot.

Pets are man's best friend, UCM Cleaning Services makes sure they stay that way.

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