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About Us

UCM Cleaning Services (AKA: Philadelphia Carpet Cleaning) is an established residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning service provider that puts its customer's satisfaction and experience first.

carpet cleaning

A Healthier and Cleaner Living Environment

How many times have you looked around and thought that your place is looking grubby? Dirt and grime is ingrained in our carpets and floors daily. Weekly sweeping and vacuuming is all well and dandy, but skipping on regularly scheduled professional cleans can result in grime festering and a number bacteria and dust developing and spreading in very intimate places, like your bathroom or kitchen, for example. UCM Cleaning Services provides the answer to these problems and more with state of the art truck mounted equipment and highly trained consultants and technicians. Give us a chance to transform your living and working environment into a cleaner and healthier place to be in just a matter of hours.

Expertise, Commitment and Quality

Whether you have loose stains, odor spots or even pet stains, no job is too difficult, large or complicated for UCM Cleaning Services. Each customer is considered a partner in the cleaning venture and will be consulted and informed at each stage of the treatment. Our highly trained consultants and technicians arrive to your office or home and are courteous and experienced, making the process run smoothly and with minimal disruption to everyday living.

We Want Your Input

UCM Cleaning Services presents an expertise that is unmatched coupled with high quality and attention to detail. Try us just once and you will understand what is it about UCM Cleaning Services that makes us so unique.

Make sure to let us know about your experience. Your input matters and makes a difference for the UCM Cleaning Services approach.
We thank you in advance!

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UCM Cleaning Services
Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00am - 8:00pm
Phone: 856-733-0100
Dispatch Address: Burroughs Mill Ct, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 [Maps & Reviews]
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