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Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Here you will find the latest carpet cleaning Tips and Tricks, together with frequently asked questions that we hope will help you on every chore or problem you might face.

Top 3 Self Carpet Care Tips
Having a carpet in your home or office is considered an investment and needs to be looked after and nurtured. UCM Cleaning Services has some relatively easy ways to help you ensure that your carpet remains as clean as is possible in the environment Read full article...»

Know The Carpet Fiber
Carpets are complex textile products and can be made up of many different fibers which can be blends or pure fibers. There are natural or manmade fibers. Different schools of thought suggest Read full article...»

Getting on Top of the Situation - Carpet Beer Stains Busted!
Do you have one of those stubborn carpet beer stains that won't come out? If it is really beginning to bother you then here are some great tips to help you get rid of that annoyance. We highly recommend the Read full article...»

Mold removal, the basics
Mold is unhealthy and too much of a build up can also cause respiratory problems and skin allergies. Read full article...»

Nasty oil stain on my carpet
Yes, oil stains can be tricky and very annoying for the person that has them but for us at Philadelphia Carpet Cleaning it is just part of the expert service we provide. Initially the technician will need to identify Read full article...»

Do You Treat Oriental Rugs Too?
There is nothing that UCM Cleaning Services cannot do. We also offer an expert on-site or in plant oriental and specialist cleaning. Our consultant can come and look at the carpet or item to be cleaned and Read full article...»

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