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Top 3 Self Carpet Care Tips

Having a carpet in your home or office is considered an investment and needs to be looked after and nurtured. UCM Cleaning Services has some relatively easy ways to help you ensure that your carpet remains as clean as is possible in the environment that it resides;

· Regular Vacuuming - as mentioned previously, plenty of care needs to be applied to a carpet, it should be vacuumed regularly. Think about how many people or animals pass over your carpet on a daily basis, bringing in dirt and soiling it. If possible you should try and vacuum at least once a day or every other day depending on the traffic on your carpet.

· Deal with Spots and Marks immediately - how many times has something spilt on your carpet and you can't be bothered to get up and clean it just then. This is a big mistake, the longer you leave a mark on a carpet the more ingrained it can get into the carpet and work its way into the fibers. The stain will become more and more stubborn and difficult to clean the longer you leave it untreated. So for that little bit of effort at the beginning, you are saving yourself more hassle in the long run.

· Always Test an Area - even if you are sure you have used the detergent before on your carpet, test a small inconspicuous spot again before you spill loads on a central area. Detergent formulas sometimes change from batch to batch and your carpet may react differently with age. Even if it is a small spot you want to clean, the area can turn into a larger mess if the detergent has reacted with the fibers. For a little bit of extra effort it is worth testing a small area.

carpet cleaning service

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