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Carpet Cleaning Blue Bell, PA

Carpets get dirty with time. No matter whether you use covers or vacuum them regularly, an unfortunate spill or pet's urine can undo all the hard work you put in maintaining them While you can try to clean them by your own, professional carpet cleaning service like Carpet Cleaning Blue Bell can ensure superb results and odor restoration, which you may not achieve with limited access to modern technology.

Carpet Cleaning Blue Bell use the latest technologies and methods to ensure that carpets get cleaned from deep within and retain the same softness that they came with when you bought them.

For us, your carpets maintenance and cleanliness are the core concerns and we at Carpet Cleaning Blue Bell use specific solutions for each carpet.

Commonly used Methods For Carpet Cleaning

Techniques used by Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia professionals are:

  • Dry Method - The dry system is a three-tier process. To begin with, we spray the solvent on the carpet. Next up we at Carpet Cleaning Blue Bell use buffer to scrub the surface and let the solvent go deeper in the carpet. Once done, the dirt, strains and grime is vacuumed out. As there is not much water involved, the drying process is very fast.
  • Encapsulation - This is one of the latest methods of carpet cleaning. It uses polymers that are sprayed down on the carpet. These polymers absorb and encapsulate the dirt and can be easily vacuumed off.
  • Hot water extraction - This process uses special cleaning solutions that are sprayed on your carpet. It dissolves the dirt and spots and later gotten rid of by scrubbing. Once done, the carpet is rinsed with pressurized hot water.

We at Carpet Cleaning Blue Bell not only clean your carpets using these methods, we also treat them for allergens and microbes.

So if you have carpets to be taken care, call Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia now at 215-385-5900 and our team of experts will be at your door in a jiffy.

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