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Carpet Cleaning Kulpsville

Carpet Cleaning Kulpsville deliver top of the line service in carpet cleaning. With over 20 years of existing as a leading carpet cleaning service provider, we have steadily added skills, expertise and technology to ensure superior results and guaranteed satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning Kulpsville personalized service gives you the highest satisfaction with a green label that represents our allegiance with Green cleaning techniques.

We excel in bringing a speedy service that works round the clock to accommodate your schedules.

When you choose Carpet Cleaning Kulpsville services, you get:

  • Personalized service
  • Same day delivery
  • Technologically advanced cleaning systems
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaners
  • Value added service
  • Expert guidance

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaners - Kulpsville Carpet Cleaning

We at Kulpsville Carpet Cleaning use truck-mounted cleaners for all our cleaning techniques. Our double suction nozzle extractor has revolving brushes that rotate in opposite directions to clean the carpet from all angles. Being mounted on the truck, we bring our cleaning service to your home literally.

For Steam cleaning, we use a hot water extractor with a two-staged vacuum cleaner for perfect cleaning. It also comes with a dual solution heating system to retain uniform temperature for effective dissolution of dirt.

Thanks to our heating cum cleaning machines that can perform at varying temperatures, we achieve great results in steam cleaning and fast drying of our carpets. The heating mechanism helps the cleaner to reach a maximum of about 210°F for thorough cleaning. The special blow flow feature reduces the drying time to just 2 hours.

We at Carpet Cleaning Kulpsville treat our green policy with seriousness. We use carbonating cleaning bubbles to remove dirt from carpets. Our enzyme based solutions and compounds used for cleaning carpets ensure that toxic substances do not pollute the air and the carpets that we clean.

In continuation with our green policy, we recently opened a water recycling plant where water is filtered to neutralize all the detergents, solvents and enzymes before it is passed on to sewers. With us, you not only contribute towards a cleaner home but a cleaner environment as well.

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