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Carpet Cleaning Trooper

Upon visiting Carpet Cleaning Trooper, you will find that there is such a thing as quality carpet cleaning in Trooper, PA. In fact, our cleaners are dedicated to giving customers an overall clean home and not just a clean carpet.

In addition to being amongst the top carpet upholstery cleaning services and the top Trooper, PA Carpet Rug Cleaners, our carpet upholstery cleaning services involve much more than just cleaning carpets. We use the best carpet cleaning equipment for steam cleaning and will use the best cleaning supplies to ensure that your home is a clean home. Furthermore, the cleaning prices are phenomenal. It is only right that the service you choose is an affordable one. That is why our particular service is the right one to choose. You will also find that it does not just stop at clean carpets. It stops with a home that is clean top to bottom.

Cleaning Services by Carpet Cleaning Trooper

  • Upholstery cleaning - that takes even the toughest stains out of upholstery
  • Rug cleaning - that brings your rugs back to life using the most effective methods
  • Leather furniture cleaning - that preserves the natural beauty of your leather
  • Water damage restoration - for water damage that has resulted due to leaks
  • Fire damage restoration - that restores fire damaged areas back to normal
  • Air duct cleaning - that eliminates unwanted dust from your home
  • Tile and grout cleaning - to bring back the natural beauty to your home
  • Refinishing wood floors - that have become dull over time

Carpet Cleaning Trooper cleaning methods that are used on carpets are environmentally friendly cleaning (Green Clean). This is all very important in defining what a quality carpet cleaner is. We also offer 24/7 emergency service for both residential and commercial environments.

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